About Me

Hello and welcome!  I am so happy you are here.  My name is Kim (in case you couldn’t tell from the title of my blog 🤣).  I live on a small hobby farm in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (that is Washington State, if you are not familiar), with my husband and all of our furry and feathered critters. I also work full-time for our state’s largest agency.

When not working, I can usually be found doing some crafty thing - typically making cards, knitting or crocheting.  I love to play with color and texture, and who doesn’t love receiving a handmade gift?!  I have found that paper crafting has really helped me maintain some connection to others during this last year of isolation!  It has allowed me to send card to family and friends without breaking the bank! 

If I am not crafting, I will probably be found out at the barn snuggling with my four-legged friends, or having a coffee break with my chickens.  I had no idea how much fun chickens can be until we got our own flock!  They are always good for a laugh! 

Lastly, I am an avid book worm, lover of music, and the beautiful outdoors.  I feel so blessed to live where I do, as we really have the best of everything here! 

Please make yourself at home, enjoy a cuppa as you browse, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!  I look forward to interacting with you.

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  1. Hi Kim, this is Doris.
    I’m not sure if I understand what these are. They are so cute. Are you selling them? Or is it just a show of peoples work. Let me know. rrrice7915@aol.com